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What makes you Bronze? You thirst to be with likeminded sexual intellectuals where all fantasies are possible. You embrace a global perspective and care about the well being of others. You are a lover. You cultivate a wild, experimental streak. You are not driven by shame but rather by openness. You don't think you are "better", but you are still plenty hot. The colors on the rainbow bring you comfort from bronze, to black, to yellow, to brown, to white because we are all Bronze. 

A San Francisco party for upscale Bay Area lifestyle couples and Bay Area swingers. Possibly the most diverse group of lifestyle members in the world who share a thread of sexual intrigue. 

Celebrating diversity and rejecting division. Se habla español. Wir sprechen deutsch. On parle français, Fala português.

Check dates below for our upcoming events. WE ARE NOT OPEN EVERY NIGHT. WE ARE ONLY OPEN ON DATES LISTED. Bronze Party offers an "On-Premise Guarantee" to all events, guaranteeing there is always a play space. This classy SF Swing Club environment includes DJ and multiple playrooms. Please RSVP, buy a ticket, or see who's going. Members, like our local Bronze Models, pay careful attention to fitness, hygiene, grooming, and style. Currently bringing together the most attractive people in the Bay Area lifestyle scene, Bronze Party has become nationally known for quality and sex appeal. By purchasing your ticket online you can guarantee your entry to Bronze Party. Charges will appear discreetly as ML Ticketing. 
Bronze Party is exclusively produced for couples & single females. Single men must have a date to attend with no exceptions for any reason. The age range of Bronze Party attendees is usually between 21 and 50. Bronze prides itself on height-weight proportionate members. 

Sex is ubiquitous in today's world. From watching bodies at the local gym to cruising porn on the Internet, ads on the side of a bus, sexy makeup and lingerie, and the thoughts that race through our head consciously and subliminally about sex almost every minute of the day. These thoughts are so powerful that it can become hard to distinguish between love and lust. So many of us can't help ourselves and have no desire to turn off this part of our programming even when we meet the one we love. So we often resort to dishonesty and cheating in order to satisfy our sexual desires. This leads to broken marriages and sexless relationships. The lifestyle provides an alternate path that works for some couples to keep their relationship fresh and exciting. 

Swingers in San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley, Palo Alto, San Mateo, Fremont, and Hayward all live in one of the best places in the country to attend parties with their partners and meet others for flirting, touching, and more. Some swing parties are meet and greets where you can make the acquaintance of other swingers. Bronze Party never hosts meet and greets because we find them frustrating. If you are turned on by another couple, Bronze Party provides on-premise playspaces for you to take it to the next level in a safe and consensual environment that satisfies newbies and the most experienced swingers.

While many people drink themselves into oblivion at a regular club, or spend all night trying to get a phone number of someone they like, the swing club provides a place for you to experience satisfaction or titillation at the club, and then provides you the safety to leave it all behind when you go home. And there are also the reported benefits that swinging can provide to your personal relationship you have with your partner. Often the talk of what you fantasize doing, or actually do, can provide incredible fuel to your own sex lives.

Just bringing up swinging can be the biggest obstacle for you and your spouse to get into the lifestyle. But if your sex life is not enjoyable, what have you got to lose? Your spouse won't get mad at you for wanting to improve your sex life. In fact, they will probably get excited thinking about it. We all have thought about sexual variety. And is there really anything wrong with living orgasmically and following your passion with your partner?
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And it's often the woman who researches and brings up swinging, which is a surprise for many who believe they live in a male-centric culture. And many of the men who are approached by their wives are surprisingly open to taking this next step in their sexual lives. It turns many men on to see their wives sexually empowered and pursuing, or even acting on, their sexual fantasies!

The uninformed may think a swing party is a big orgy where anyone can touch anyone without permission. It is just the opposite. No means NO! Breaking this rule will get you banned from the club. Most people are very particular about who they play with. Rule number one is that you should always be comfortable at the club. Swinging is all about feeling sexy and finding your sexual bliss. You should never do anything that you don't feel like at the club. Take it slowly if that makes you feel more comfortable. In fact, just being around other sexy people can awaken feelings in you you haven't felt in years.

Many couples come just to watch and then talk about what they saw. After a few trips, they may slowly begin to play in public. And before you know it, this couple may invite others to join them. In swinging, what happens at the club stays at the club. But the love you have for your partner can grow stronger through the joint experiences of being in the lifestyle. Now, there is no panacea in life, but swinging might be the next best thing!

Bronze Party is the perfect swing club for beginners and more experienced lifestylers to meet. The club offers an intimate setting for exploration of our dreams and fantasies. First, we play sensual and exciting dance music in the club area where you can dance, relax, have a drink, and mingle with others. And when the mood strikes, we have numerous play areas where you can watch, play with your partner, or play with others. Once you have attended a lifestyle event, you will never feel the same about normal nightclubs where you spend the entire night thinking about sex but can't have it. Beautiful girls get excited dancing with each other while well-dressed gentleman enjoy the vistas of these Bronze ladies.

Bronze Party is all about height-weight proportionate individuals who take care of their bodies, exhibit top hygiene, rid themselves of excessive body hair, and dress to impress in the sexiest skimpy lingerie for the ladies and club wear for the gentlemen. The color bronze was originally chosen because of the diverse ethnic nature we aspired to have in our guests. Bronze is the fusion of many metals.

And you never know who you might run into at a lifestyle event. There are those of all ethnicities looking for sexy girl-girl fun. Others who want to watch. And then full-swap swingers who want to have sex with new partners. No matter where are in your progression in the lifestyle, even if you are a first-time, you will enjoy the upscale lifestyle club atmoshphere of Bronze Party. San Francisco swingers are excited to have a club like Bronze Party offering special events for upscale Bay Area Lifestyle couples.

Join Bronze Party and experience Northern California's biggest, sexiest swinger parties. Make the most of life. Join Bronze Party now.

The idea for parties started organically with private events among friends in 2008-2010. During this time, the Bronze Party founder lived part time in Miami and regularly attended Trapeze Club in Fort Lauderdale. With the idea of bringing a slice of Trapeze and South Florida to the Bay Area, Bronze Party launched in February 2011 with a water-inspired tropical theme setting to the sexy sounds of the South Beach party scene, stripper pole, and lush green surroundings. Bronze, just like the metal it is named after, is made up of diverse people, body types, ethnicities, and cultures. What brings us all together is our sex appeal and joy of life. 

Eschewing the pornography-inspired motif, Bronze Party launched a home-grown photography studio designed to highlight local beauties who attend or model for Bronze Party. These models exude sweetness, class, sensuality, and sophistication. Bronze Models dress to inspire ladies and gentlemen attending our events to always look your best. Bronze Models pay attention to detail in their makeup, lingerie, and grooming to create a flyer that inspires you to be your sexiest at the party.

As Bronze Party continued to grow, we started looking for a more-regular home to throw events. We wanted an ultralounge, upscale environment that featured high end DJs and dance club setting, VIP Tables, and quality amenities such as multiple, high-end bathrooms. And just as importantly, we wanted inviting playspaces that fostered the open sexuality experienced by Bronze members at the original house parties. We have held events over the last few years at Danzhaus working with Club TwistKink.comClub Kiss and Mission Control

Bronze Party has been extremely fortunate to work with the most influential lifestyle leaders in the San Francisco lifestyle community. This collaboration has helped us to further a world free of social stigma that allows us to experience new sexual freedoms. We will always remain forever appreciative to our friends in the lifestyle promoter community. We hold 2-4 events per year with our friends at world-famous Club Twist in San Francisco, the Bay Area's longest-continuous running weekly swingers party. Starting in 2013,
 we threw numerous parties at the now-closed, groundbreaking Mission Control location where the San Francisco pan-sexual movement began with "Sexy Culture Revolutionary" Polly Superstar, the founder of Kinky Salon. In 2016, we threw joint events with Club Kiss in San Francisco, also founded by Polly Superstar.  Swinger party SF, San Francisco Swinger Party, Bay Area Swinger Party, Bay Area Lifestyle Party, SF Lifestyle Party, San Francisco Lifestyle Party, SF Swinger Party, SF Swingers Club, SF Swing Club, San Francisco Swing Club

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