Bronze Party brings together the most beautiful single ladies in the Bay Area lifestyle scene. Bronze "girls next door" eschew the typical pornography used to promote lifestyle events. A bit more innocent and way more sexy, they are real members of our Bronze community living in the Bay Area. Like the metal they are named after, our sexy Bronze girls are made up of diverse body types, skin colors, and appearance traits ranging from slender to curvy, light to dark, and short to tall. Through the creation of a safe and consensual space, Bronze single ladies are able to enter the lifestyle scene without heavy pressure. Bronze frowns heavily on couples that prey on single ladies and actively discourages their involvement in Bronze Party. Single ladies are highly respected in the Bronze Community. Stalking or harrassment of single ladies is never permitted and, if excessive, will result in temporary or permanent suspension of a couples membership. 


Some of the single ladies in Bronze Party appear on our custom flyers that advertise our events. If you think you fit the Bronze aesthetic, feel free to contact us to request a modeling review. Bronze models earn stipends, party benefits, and high status in the Bronze community while getting valuable exposure to aspects of the business of modeling. 


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